HydroTap Filtered Boiling+Chilled & Hot+Cold Water 160/125 Cup/Hr (Discontinued)

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HydroTap Filtered Boiling+Chilled & Hot+Cold Water 160/125 Cup/Hr0BCH160/125+

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Hydro Tap and Mixer Tap included

Dimensions (mm)
W x D x H
440 x 430 x 337
ZIP HydroTap
Filtered Boiling+Chilled Water
& Hot+Cold (ambient) Water
160 Cups Boiling / 125 Glasses Chilled Water per Hr
Simplifies the provision of hot water in office kitchens
hot & cold via the mixer tap and boiling and chilled from the
HydroTap all from a single cold water supply
Cuts costs—eliminates the need for a separate hot
water supply or the expense of hot water circulation
from a central source
Saves space—no need to provide cupboard space for
a separate hot water heater
Conserves energy—dramatically cuts heat loss from
hot water storage
The mixer tap will deliver up to 3ltr/min, which is ideal
for rinsing cups and hand-washing where a
dishwasher is the primary source of washing dishes.
not intended for high use applications such as filling sinks or cleaners’ buckets.
  • Energy Conservation
  • HydroTap features two energy saving modes
  • Integral 24 hour 7 day timer enables the unit to switch off automatically during known periods of inactivity e.g. overnight or at weekends, returning to full functionality ahead of the next expected demand.
  • Inactivity Sleep Mode enables the boiling water unit to power down automatically following a period of 2 or 4 hours non-use. This allows the water temperature to gradually reduce to 65°C, at which it is maintained. Upon further draw off boiling resumes.
  • Load: 2.3kW
  • Optional Limescale Filters
  • Boiling system
    Open outlet, vented system designed to operate at 98°C.
  • Hot water system
    Delivers water at up to 55°C.
  • Chilling system
    Fan cooled condenser type using R134A refrigerant. Chilled temperature maintained between 5°C to 10°C
  • Filtration system
    Integral triple action sub-micron fully encapsulated.
  • HydroTap head
    Chrome plated tap with electronic controls, integral safety lock and LED indicators.
  • Mixer Tap head
    Flick mixer action providing blended hot water and ambient mains cold water.
  • Undersink system
    Corrosion resistant white enamelled steel case with front access door and control panel.
  • Approvals
    WRAS approved and CE endorsed.
  • Warranty
    1 year on site parts and labour.
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Install & Operating Instructions 443kb pdf Specifications 195kb pdf
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SO BCH160/125

HydroTap Filtered Boiling+Chilled & Hot+Cold Water 160/125 Cup/Hr