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Resin Only for Cable Joint Kits 200ml
  • The pack consists of a two part polyurethane resin correctly proportioned into pouches separated by a divider. The user simply breaks the divider, amalgamates the two components and pours.
  • Dual system of packaging ensures that the pack is sealed against the atmosphere.
  • The outer aluminium packaging provides added protection against the atmosphere to give a shelf life of 2 years.
  • The inner transparent plastic packaging provides a visible reference for the user when mixing.
  • During mixing the user does not come into contact with the resin but gloves are provided for extra safety.
  • Controlled curing temperature designed to be compatible with PVC, XLPE, EPR, polythene and PILC cables.
  • Odour free.
  • Designed to meet requirements of BS EN 50393.
  • Gelation time 20-30 minutes 180 gram mass @ 21C
  • Full cure 24 hours @ 23C / 1 hour @ 80C
  • Peak exotherm 75.2C based on 5 ltr placed in a container 200mm diameter conditioned at 21C. Measurements taken at 5 minute intervals at the centre of the resin mass.
  • Thermal conductivity 0.46 w/mk
  • Tensile strength 47 Mpa
  • Shore hardness 80 A
  • Elongation 40%
  • Dialectric strength (solid) Greater than 5 MV/m
  • Operating temperature Provided resin is mixed correctly based on a static environment with gradual rise and fall in temperature is -40C to +110C.
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Resin Only for Cable Joint Kits 200ml