Waterless Hand Cleaner (Discontinued)

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Waterless Hand CleanerWSWAY17230

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Handy Tub ( 30 towels )
Waterless Hand Cleaner - Towels
Pre-moistened, heavy duty towel with pumice scrubbing power.
Works fast to loosen, dissolve and absorb dirt and grease.
Deep cleaning scrubbers remove embedded grime easily.
Conditions and softens hands….No rinsing. No drying. No residue.

Removes tough to clean substances
Dirt, Lubricants, Tar, Sealants, Heavy Grease, Oils, Wax, Paint, Adhesives, Ink, Caulk and much more.
Also use to clean
Tools, Work in progress, Equipment, Painted surfaces, Plastics, Tool Boxes, Work surfaces, Vinyl, Metal etc.
Non Toxic
Safe and easy to use, Scrubs absorb removed soils so in most circumstances they are not redeposit on hands, clothing or surfaces.

Available in handy buckets of 30
  • may be used to clean tools, work in progress or any hard surface unharmed by water. Scrubs are portable, effective, convenient and re-usable
  • used by many people including: Mechanics, Plumbers, Maintenance people, Painters, Gardeners, Glaziers, Engineers, Printers, Farmers, Roofers, Construction workers, Do-it-yourselfers.
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Waterless Hand Cleaner