2 x 58w Thorn Punch HF Surface Fitting Cat2 - White + Emergency - Discontinued

2 x 58w Thorn Punch HF Surface Fitting Cat2 - White + Emergency0EE3FLCZ258CAT2MK12

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1543mm x 209mm

Battery packs are designed to provide a single tube 3hr emergency backup, with a battery life of 4 years
Thorn Punch
2 x 58w Surface Cat2 Modular
High Frequency Fitting + 3 hour Emergency Lighting option
An attractive range of surface mounted module fittings with white body and Cat 2 louvres.

A slim, surface mounted luminaire with modern aesthetics .
Body in white painted steel sheet with white plastic end caps
and a double parabolic specular aluminium louvre.
Central cable entries and BESA box clusters, additional keyhole slots for screw fixing

Ideal for Offices, Hospitals, Sports Halls, Retail Outlets.

  • Benefits of High Frequency Fittings.
  • Flicker free and silent operation.
  • ‘Instant’ starting.
  • Detects failed lamps, no more flashing on and off.
  • Cold starting in sub-zero temperature.
  • No stroboscopic effects.
  • 20-30% saving in running costs.
  • Dimensions: 1543mm x 209mm x 85mm
  • Features of Tri-phosphor Lamps.
  • Tri-phosphor lamps drop to 96% of their original output after about 4000 hours and remain at that level compared to standard lamps which drop to 86% and then down to 74% over the rest of their life.
  • Survival rate of 70% of tri-phosphor tubes after 16,000 hours, compared to 10,000 hours for standard tubes.
  • Approximately 15% increase in light output over standard tubes.
  • Supplied less tubes


High Frequency Info - 49Kb pdf HF Benefits - 87kb pdf Guides to Emergency Lighting
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2 x 58w Thorn Punch HF Surface Fitting Cat2 - White + Emergency Fragile Risk*