Vent Axia Lo-Carbon MVDC Multivent c/w Humidity443298A

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Height: 340mm.
Width: 310mm.
Depth: 249mm.
Vent Axia
Lo-Carbon MVDC Multivent
c/w Humidity

Designed for whole house ventilation.

The Multivent continuous mechanical extract ventilation range is designed
for the simultaneous ventilation of separate areas in the home or as a
multi-point extractor system for a wide range of commercial applications.

In the home the system is usually located in the loft or airing cupboard with ducts taken to the bathroom,
kitchen and utility room to remove water vapour at source and from WC's to remove odours.

Designed to provide 0.7 of an air change based on the volume of the building, the Multivent system
provides adequate ventilation, even in a 'tight' dwelling. Pollutant concentrations and humidity can be controlled.
An integral humidity sensor that will detect any rise in humidity within the system and will boost between any 2 of the 3 speeds.

A new Wire-less Controller is available for use with the Multivent H with 3 speed options offering total control of the systems.
Controller sold Separately, See Below.

Lo-Carbon MVDC which is fitted with a long life low consumption motor,
  • Ultra-quiet - acoustically lined for low noise levels.
  • Dramatically reduces minimises running costs.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint.
  • EC low energy consumption motors.
  • Fitted with four extracts 100 or 125 diameter spigots allowing quick connections to ducts.
  • Option of wall, ceiling and loft mounting.
  • Quiet running suitable for continuous operation.
  • Can extract from a number of rooms, depending on dwelling.
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Vent Axia Lo-Carbon MVDC Multivent c/w Humidity