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( 171 x 105 x 49mm ).
Facet 2 Note Door Chime
  • 80dB @ 1m.
  • Power options (not included)
    Batteries: 4 x R14 / HP11
    Transformer: 753 / TR7.
  • Typical battery life 4 years (Alkaline)
  • Using a transformer means there is no need to replace the batteries and you can use the chime with illuminated pushes
  • Chime can be located up to 60m (197 feet) from push when powered by transformer.
  • Note: 1 x 2
  • Traditional "Ding Dong" tune
  • Loud chime sound suitable for most homes
  • Can be overpainted to match your decor
  • Power can be provided either by batteries or from an external transformer.
  • Batteries only require a wire from the push to the chime & make it easy to install


Bell and Chime Sounds Installation Sheets
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Facet 2 Note Door Chime