3 or 4 Module Euro Data Grid Plate - Premium White5021575141047XDQG4S

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WARNING: Do not apply products with metal faceplates directly to freshly plastered or damp surfaces as product may tarnish. If in doubt, use polythene as a temporary gasket to protect the product. Do not use masking tape on this product.
Premium White - Screwless
Flat Plate
3 or 4 Module Data Grid Plate
Dimension Screwless
Premium White Flat Plate Accessories
"High Gloss Polycarbonate"
Ultimate in Minimalism for Modern Living Spaces.

modular faceplate, white
for Modular Inserts
for 4 Inserts or Inserts + blanks
  • The front plate is removable which makes decorating & painting easier.


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3 or 4 Module Euro Data Grid Plate - Premium White