100w Satin Steel Touch In Line Dimmer Switch - Discontinued

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100w Satin Touch In Line Dimmer
This touch control dimmer is designed to be used
to dim side, table or standard lamps with 2-core cable only.
It can dim anywhere between 25W and 100W of mains voltage lights
or low voltage lights powered by wire wound transformers up to 75VA. The dimmer must not be overloaded.
Do not use this dimmer to control low
energy bulbs, fluorescent lights or electronic transformers.
  • 90mm x 20mm
  • The maximum cable diameter that the Touch Inline Dimmer will accept is 5.6 mm for the outer casing and the 1.5 mm for the inner cores.
  • The dimmer operates by touch; a short touch will turn the light on and off, and a long touch will dim the light in an up/down cycle.
  • If the lamp is switched off at the mains, when the dimmer is operated again it will come back on at full brightness, if the dimmer is switched off and not turned off at the mains it will come back on at the previous level.


Installation and Wiring Details .PDF (70kb) Dimmer Selection Guide .PDF (200kb)
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