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LightScene™ Remote Control
Do you have more than one eclique or V-PRO IR dimmer in your room?
Now you can access extended features with the LightScene™ infrared handset.
With LightScene™ you can record up to four lighting scenes
and recall them with a touch of a button.
  • Additional features with the
  • LightScene™ remote control handset
  • Control up to 4 eclique™ or V- PRO IR dimmers independently with one handset
  • Create up to 4 custom lighting scenes
    for different tasks such as
    Watching a movie
  • Easy to recall a scene or to change it
  • Option to switch all lights on and off and dim all with one button
  • Batteries not included
  • Choose the Varilight handset VL RE8 for enhanced lighting control featuring Lightscene.
  • This handset allows you to access a host of additional features from your eclique dimmers when you have more than one lighting circuit in a room.:
  • Lightscene allows you to combine different light levels in your room to program up to 4 lighting scenes such as cooking, dining, reading or watching television.
  • Recall these scenes with the touch of a button to instantly change the mood in your room.
  • Turn all the lights on or off with a single button.
  • Control each circuit, individually, with a different button.


FAQ - Trouble Shooting Functionality Guide - pdf 90kb
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Varilight LightScene™ Remote Control