Compact Push Wire Connector 2.5mm 4 Way40508210278672273-204

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Height 5.8mm
Width 18mm
Depth 16.7mm
Wago 2273-204 Compact Transparent
4 Pole Push Wire Connector - Red Cover
0.5mm² - 2.5mm² Solid
COMPACT connector for junction boxes 4 conductor terminal blocks

Simply pushing the stripped conductor into the connector makes the connection.
The transparent housing provides a visible indication that the conductor is secure.

There is a test point in the base of the housing.
To remove the connector simply pull on the conductor whilst twisting the connector block left and right.
The connector can then be reused.
  • Number of Ports : 4
  • Colour : Red
  • Weight : 1.3g
  • Conductor sizes : 0.5mm² - 2.5mm² Solid Core.
  • Single pole terminal
  • Connection method : PUSH WIRE®
  • Current rating : 24A
  • Voltage rating : 0 - 450V / 4KV
  • Approvals : ENEC


Data Sheet- 850kb pdf
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WA 204

Compact Push Wire Connector 2.5mm 4 Way