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One Gel Cartridge (300ml)
Wiska One Gel is sold in 300ml cartridges, and is immediately ready to use!
Simply dispensed in a standard cartridge gun, there is no need to mix two components, as the gel is already cross-bonded.

The gel is silicone based, can be used to fill and insulate any space to avoid the ingress of water, dust, moisture and gas. One Gel is re-enterable. With no shelf life, no mixing time, and simple application, the Wiska One gel is the ideal additional tool to carry.
  • Ready To Use
  • Re-Enterable
  • Opening Temperature -60 to + 200 C
  • Dielectric strength : 25 kV/mm
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Always Soft
  • No Expiry Date


Data Sheet 110kb PDF
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Wiska One Gel Cartridge (300ml)