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Why do millions of people all over the world just like you have a garden pond ?

A pond is not just a pool of water in your lawn, it's a home for plants and animals. Childhood ponds of your youth may be remembered for being green, but with Hozelock Cyprio your pond can be perfect.

The two most popular elements to pondkeeping and the thing that draws people to having a pond are Fish and Plants.

Without fish or plants a pond is robbed of life, movement and interest.

Pond size
Max fish (CM /inches)
Max flow rate
_2200L _(500gal) _121cm / _50 inches _1100L _(250gal)
_4500L (1000gal) _242cm / 100 inches _2200L _(500gal)
_6500L (1500gal) _358cm / 150 inches _3250L_ (750gal)
_9000L (2000gal) _495cm / 200 inches _4500L (1000gal)
11500L (2500gal) _633cm / 250 inches _5750L (1250gal)
14000L (3000gal) _770cm / 300 inches _7000L (1500gal)
16000L (3500gal) _880cm / 350 inches _8000L (1750gal)
18000L (4000gal) _990cm / 400 inches _9000L (2000gal)
23000L (5000gal) 1265cm / 500 inches 11500L (2500gal)
27000L (6000gal) 1485cm / 600 inches 13500L (3000gal)
32000L (7000gal) 1760cm / 700 inches 16000L (3500gal)
Fish stocking level based on not more than
55cm per 1000 litres of pond volume (100" per 1000 gallons).
Assumes fish at an average of 150mm (6") each


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