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The successful keeping of fish depends on their good health. Good fish health comes from having acceptable water quality and from feeding a good quality fish food.
Hozelock Cyprio have developed a range of fish food designed to promote health in a wide variety of fish; from a humble goldfish all the way up to magnificent large Koi.
All Hozelock Fish food is highly digestible due to high levels of top quality protein. All the food has good wetting properties to ensure excellent palatability. The food floats well ensuring that your fish feed on the surface were they can be seen, and it will not cloud the water.
Goldfish Illustration

For small fish, Flake is the best food. Nutriflake is a premium quality flaked fish food made from the finest ingredients, it is high in protien and easily digested by smaller fish up to approximately 8cm or 2 inches. This food has good wetting properties but also floats. It will not cloud the water.

This food is available in three pack sizes
(100g, 200g and 500g).

Goldfish Illustration

Nutristik is a high quality floating fish food. This food is easily and efficiently digested by larger fish. Therefore promoting good fish health, sustained growth and reduced waste.

Larger fish can produce large quantities of waste, this premium fish food will actively contribute to a healthy pond environment.

This food is available in three pack sizes
(110g, 220g and 500g)

Koi Illustration

For Koi (of all Sizes) Nutri Koi is ideal. Koi are active fish with high growth rates. They benefit most from the extra ingredients, in order to bring out their full potential. However all fish can be fed this food. Nutri Koi is special because it contains canthaxanthin to bring out the colour in Koi. It also has fifteen vitamins, six minerals and is 98% digestible. Consequently, it can be used in water temperatures as low as 8 C.

This food is available in three pack sizes
(400g, 900g, 1.5kg)

Nutri Koi
Improve your feeding management by using a Hozelock Cyprio Feeding ring. This floats on the surface of the pond. By keeping all the food in one place, it makes it easier to see fish feeding and remove uneaten food. Hozelock Cyprio Feeding ring
The Hozelock Cyprio Fish Food Range