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Garden Ponds can become green and smelly. Hozelock Cyprio have developed all products needed to guarantee clear and healthy water in your garden pond.

The purpose of a filter system is to transfer waste material from the pond into a filter. Here the water can be cleaned and purified by a combination of mechanical filtration (to make the water clear) and biological filtration (to make the water healthy).

Clearwater Guarantee

All Hozelock Cyprio filter systems as long as they are correctly sized, and installed are offered with a guarantee of clearwater. Clearwater or your money back.


A filter system consists of three components:
Filter - this cleans the water of dirt and dissolved waste.

Ultra Violet Clarifier (UVC) - this helps remove the algae that cause green water.

Filter pump - this pumps solid material from the pond to the filter.


We manufacture two types of filter system
1. Conventional Filter Systems - Ideal for garden ponds up to 27,000 litres (6000 gallons) that are required to look after large quantities of fish.

2. Compact Filtration - Ideal for typical garden ponds up to 18,000 litres (4000 gallons).

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