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If you need to move water in a pond, whether it is for a fountain, a waterfall or a filter you will need a pump.

As all these functions require different pump characteristics it is necessary to have pumps with different characteristics.

Fountain Pumps need to be stable and be able to operate efficiently for long periods without the need for regular maintenance. However they have to pump semi clean water to avoid blocking the fountain jet.

Waterfall pumps- need to be able to pump large volumes of water efficiently. This water however does not need to be free of solids.

Filter Pumps- need to be able to operate for long periods of time without blocking, they also need to be able to pass solids to the filter to enable them to be removed from the pond. As they are part of the life support system for the pond they need to be very reliable.

At Hozelock Cyprio we produce three different types of pump, each serving a different purpose; each able to more closely match your needs.

Cascade Range (450-7000 litres per hour maximum flow) - The all purpose pump that is able to run a fountain and a waterfall. (Except the 450i and 700). These pumps feature an anti clog system to reduce pump maintenance.

Titan Range (from 2000-15000 litres per hour maximum flow) - A waterfall and filter pump that has been designed to pump solids up to 8mm in size in 2-8000 litre pumps and 10mm in size in 12-15000 litre pumps into a filter. These pumps feature a wildlife protection system to prevent aquatic animals being drawn into the pump (e.g. Frogs). These pumps are not suitable for fountains.

Prima Range (3200-15000 litres per hour maximum flow) - A range of high power waterfall and filter pumps designed to pump solids up to 10mm into a filter.

For more information on pump usage see our section on "Adding Fountain & Waterfall Features"


Cascade Pump
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Prima Pump
Titan Pump