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Titan pumps

Waterfall and Filterpumps
Waterfall and filter pumps need electricity to work. When mains electricity is used in the garden care must be taken to ensure that the installation is safe. (For more information please visit our Pond Safety pages).

Hozelock Cyprio has two ranges of Waterfall and filter pumps

Titan pump cutaway image

Titan 5500 Pump

Titan pumps are designed to pump water containing solid material to a filter or a waterfall. The cage is specially designed to prevent it clogging by providing the maximum surface area.

All titan pumps feature a wildlife protection system (WPS) so that in spring when the fish fry and tadpole are present in the pond, it is possible to close the inlet cage down to as little as 2mm.

The outlet of the pump has a screw thread quick release hosetail 20-40mm (3/4" - 1 ")

When using a pump to power a filter system reliability is essential. That is why all Titan pumps key features provide total reassurance.

1. All Titan pumps have a thermal resettable fuse that prevents motor damage.

2. All Titan pumps have ceramic shafts and bearings to minimise wear.
(The ceramic that we use is almost as hard as diamond).

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