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Solids handling pump for
waterfalls and filtration

The pages that follow, on filtration, explain in detail how a solids handling pump fits in with the whole Cyprio filtration philosophy that has so successfully kept ponds clear for 19 years.
Get the polluting solids out of the pond into a filter where they help the growth of beneficial bacteria and can also be much more easily collected and
disposed of. Titan pumps are specifically designed for this purpose.

Use a Titan for:
In addition to filtration, Titans are also excellent pumps for waterfalls and watercourses. This is because they can pump high volumes of water in continuous use, with high resistance to clogging.
Of course, many customers will take pond water to a filter and then back to the pond via a waterfall. This is particularly attractive with Bioforce filters as the water leaves the filter under pressure and so can be run up to the waterfall, leaving the Bioforce
hidden below.

Key Features of Titan Pumps
The Titan range has been specifically designed for continuous running with minimum cleaning. Titans have the ability to pump solid particles up to 8mm without blocking (4mm with Titan 2000, 3000). They are suitable for filtration, waterfalls and

More Performance
The large intake slots at the base of the pump
minimise obstruction to solid particle migration and are specifically placed at the base of the pump in order to collect solids from the floor of the pond. This design maximises the effectiveness of the pump for filtration.
All Titans have unidirectional rotation to maximise pumping efficiency, with open impellers to provide the solids handling capability.
(Solids Handling System - SHS)
The Titan 2000 & 3000 use the motor from the mid range Cascades providing unparalleled performance with low running costs.

The larger Titans use the new, heavy duty,
asynchronous motor from the large Cascades. These use stainless steel rotor sleeving to increase magnetic coupling for maximum performance.

More reliable
Titans are designed to work in the most demanding of pond environments and have to cope with
continuous operation, pumping water laden with solid material. The special design of these pumps ensures that they can confidently be offered with a three year guarantee.
All Titans are unique in using TRF protection to prevent motor damage.
All Titans use ceramic shaft and bearings
throughout for maximum life.

Easy to use
The Titan range is a new generation of solids
handling pumps, with unique features to maximise ease of use;
• Each Titan incorporates an anti clog cage.
• In order to ensure the safety of small aquatic life at spawning time the Titan features a unique Wildlife Protection System (WPS). Just slide the lever on the side of the pump to close the intake slot holes down to 6, 4 or 2mm as required.
• The hose can be positioned to lie along the
bottom of the pond in any direction from the pump.
• Tool free access when maintenance is required.

Titan 2000 - 3000
Titan 5500 - 8000