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Warning Deep Water
Water Safety Advice For Garden Ponds

A garden pond is an attractive feature that can be enjoyed by everyone, provided a number of common sense safety precautions are taken. These include safe use of electricity, sound construction and particularly, water safety.

Parents of young children should think very carefully before installing a pond as even a shallow one can be hazardous. Neither should young children be allowed to play unsupervised near water at any time. This is particularly important if you are visiting someone with a garden pond, or if you have young grandchildren.

As an alternative to a pond, parents could consider building a water feature that does not create a pool of water while children are small. Alternatively a metal grill can be firmly fixed over a pond to prevent children or animals falling in. Just fencing off a pond is not recommended as this can lead to a false sense of security - the water is still accessible

For more information or advice please contact Hozelock customer service or telephone (01844) 292002

Electrical Testing
All our electrical products are independently tested to European and USA standards. All electrical products sold throughout Europe conform to the latest and most exacting directives including CE. Hozelock is an ISO 9002, ISO 9001 registered company demonstrating our excellence in the design and manufacture of gardening equipment.
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Electrical Installation (240v / 110v).

Hozelock Cyprio pumps are designed to a high standard to be completely safe under water, but care must always be taken to ensure connection to the electrical supply are safe. If in any doubt you must contact a qualified electrician, or contact your local electrical authority. Always follow the basics of electrical safety.

* Never use a domestic plug outdoors.

* Always use a Residual Current Device(UK-RCD, USA-GFI).

* Keep all electrical connections dry and out of the pond.

* UVC's and Bioforce products are weatherproof but must not be submerged in water.

* All mains cables must run through a protective conduit. Bury or cover the conduit, or keep it out of the way so that nobody can trip over it or cut it.

*Water and electricity are a potentially dangerous combination. Consult a qualified electrician if you are in any doubt.


Easy Fit Low Voltage
WARNING the low voltage alternative The alternative to installing 240v / 110v is to install Low Voltage (24v), this system from Hozelock Cyprio, uses a transformer to convert high voltage to low voltage. Low Voltage products from Hozelock Cyprio are easy to install and require no tools or specialist knowledge. The cables do not need to be protected, as it is not possible to receive a dangerous electric shock.