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Hozelock Cyprio Manufactures fountain and waterfall pumps in both mains and low voltage.
When mains electricity is used in the garden care must be taken to ensure that the installation is safe. (See pond safety page for more information). However if Low Voltage is used the 24v cable does not need to be protected. Low Voltage pumps use a 24v supply from a mains transformer and as low voltage connections require no tools, installation is a straightforward inexpensive task. No extra cable protection is needed. The cable can be extended up to 50m. Our low voltage pumps have identical performance to their mains cousins.

Cascade pumps have dual flow control to allow the waterfall and fountain flows to be independently adjusted and come with a telescopic extension pipe, giving an overall pump height of between 30 and 50cm on top of which can be placed your fountain jet.

More Reliability
All Cascade pumps are unique in using TRF (Thermal Resettable Fuse) to prevent motor damage. Most Cascade pumps have a thick ceramic shaft and bearings for extra reliability. Due to the anti clog system most Cascade pumps feature greatly extended cleaning intervals.

Cascade cutaway illustration

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