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Ideal all purpose pond pump

A Cascade is the best
pump for general pond
keepers and newcomers to
the hobby because it is designed to be very
good at a choice
of functions and the
owner can change how
he uses it at any time
with the accessories
included see Fountain Heads

Hozelock Cyprio Cascades are a well known world leader selling in hundreds of thousands each year.
They are available in a wide variety of sizes from the 450, for ornaments, to the 7000 which can power a fountain, waterfall, ornament and filter at the same time.


Use a Cascade for:
Fountains - they all come complete with a selection of distinctive spray fountains (except Cascade 450i and 600i) and the Cascade 600 to 4000 with a bell jet.
Waterfalls - the Cascade 1400 will give a good small waterfall and the 7000 will give a torrent. Cascades from 1400 up come with a flow controller that enables them to be used for two purposes at the same time.
Ornaments - using the flow controller an
ornament can be connected in addition to a
fountain or waterfall.
Filtration - water can be pumped to a filter and back to the pond, direct or down a waterfall. Filtration will be more effective if a Titan solids handling pump is used.

Key features of Cascade pumps
More Performance
All Cascades have unidirectional rotation with Hozelock's patented one way rotation system to maximise pumping efficiency.
Mid range Cascades with the new UBI multi blade closed impeller and OMC motor design provide unparalleled performance with low running costs - 4000 lph with 40 Watts power consumption for the Cascade 4000.

More reliability
All Cascades from 2000 upwards are unique in using TRF technology to protect the motor from damage. If the pump becomes blocked, this solid state technology switches the motor off until power to the motor is disconnected and the blockage removed.
All Cascades from 1400 upwards use a ceramic shaft and bearings for extra life. The 2000 - 4000 pumps use FCT to reduce wear and shock loads.
These features allow us to offer a 3 year guarantee with confidence.

Easy to Use
Easy to clean
, anti clog, foam free strainer greatly increases maintenance intervals, Cascades from 2000 upwards. When cleaning is required, tool free access and quick release hose connection keeps this simple.
For improved in pond stability, the mid range Cascades have an ultra low centre of gravity and wide base.
All Cascades, except 450i and 600i, have a complete range of accessories to allow a broad range of uses. Specifically the 2000 - 4000 Cascades now have a 'T' piece with dual flow control, telescopic
extension tube, 2 fountain heads, bell jet and a quick release hose connector.



2000 - 4000
5500 - 7000

Cascade LV
Hozelock Cyprio has the largest range of
low voltage (LV) pumps. Low voltage Cascades
now range from 600 to 4000 litres per hour, with the addition of the Cascade 4000lv.
These pumps offer identical performance to the mains versions, but as the power supply to the motor is only 24 volts they offer easy fit DIY
The main features are;
• The mains connection to the transformer is remote from the pond.
• All LV pumps come with 3m of cable, which can be simply extended up to 50m without loss of performance. This cable need not be buried and protected, greatly simplifying installation.
• Click connection for LV supply is simple and reliable.
• Compatibility with the Hozelock pond and
garden lighting systems allows a single light to be added to the pump supply.
(Cascade 1400 & 2000).
• Identical features and accessories to the mains Cascades.