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Adding Fountain & Waterfall Features

2. How do I create a waterfall ?
A natural looking cascade or waterfall when properly installed can make a good garden great. The trick is not to recreate Niagra Falls in a small back yard. Try and create a waterfall that is on the same scale as the surroundings, it should fit in with it's environment. Try and keep the angle as shallow as possible and use stones and plants to break the shape up. Pre-formed waterfalls are available in concrete, plastic (from Hozelock Cyprio) and fibreglass. Position the pump as stated in the instructions. Attach a hose directly to the outlet of the pump and route it to the top of the waterfall in a secure position.

For waterfalls up to 15cm (6") wide use 25mm (1") hose, over 15cm (6") use 40mm (11/2") hose. (Do not use garden hose as this will restrict the flow).

Make sure that there are no leaks as eventually these could drain your pond. Use fast growing plants to cover the edges of the waterfall to help it blend in. Tip - You can brush the exposed edges of the waterfall with a mixture of peat and natural yoghurt to encourage moss and lichen to grow quicker.

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Pond with waterfall