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Biozorb & Biofloc

The Original pond filters - Economical and Efficient

Biozorb was our earliest concept of pond filtration and has needed little change to maintain its reputation for economy and effectiveness.

Biofloc performs the same function but has an outflow near the top which means it can be partly buried and hidden.

When used with a Hozelock Cyprio UVC both models carry the Clearwater Guarantee.

Hozelock Cyprio Biomedia is designed to have an enormous surface area in a small volume and to allow good water flow through it. Therefore it maximises the number of beneficial bacteria which live on these surfaces and the amount of pollutant 'food" which is brought to them in the water flow.

Biofloc filters can be buried in-ground to the level of the outflow pipe or positioned behind a waterfall with the outflow pouring into the top of the waterfall.
The inlet pipe delivers water to the base of the filter, from where it flows upwards through Biomedia and profiled foam. On top of the foam, to prevent it from lifting and to give additional
biological treatment, are trays of gravel.
When the filter starts to block, these trays and the foam are removed for cleaning.
Water is pumped into the filter through a spraybar in the lid, adding oxygen, and passes down through successively finer sheets of profiled open-cell foam removing solids and providing a huge home for beneficial bacteria. The water then travels through plastic Biomedia before returning to the pond
When used with a Hozelock Cyprio UVC both models
carry the Clearwater Guarantee.