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The advanced filtration systems for enthusiasts

Green Machines pack three filtration techniques into a compact box, brushes, foam cartridges and plastic biomedia

So Green Machines give ideal water for healthy fish and, with a Hozelock Cyprio UVC (positioned on the lid) guaranteed clear water too

They are easy to clean as each filter component can be taken out for individual washing

Optional Gravity Flow Filters
Green Machines for 9000 litre ponds and larger ponds are alternatively available in
gravity versions.

The pump is located in the filter box. The filter is in the ground next to the pond. The filter is full of water at the same level as the pond. Water is pumped from the filter into the pond and this constantly sucks more water from the pond under gravity.

The advantage of this method is that there is no shredding of solids by the pump impeller before water enters the filter. So it offers better settlement of solids in the filter. Secondly, the large filter boxes can be buried right up to the lid and hidden.

How Green Machines are so effective
1 - Pond water enters through an aerating spray bar.

2 - Brushes separate out larger solids.

3 - The foam cartridges are the first biological medium. Because they are only taking small solids they don't block easily.
The water can only flow through these cartridges - full of beneficial bacteria.

4 - Water passes down the centre of the foam
cartridges, through plastic Biomedia in the lower compartment and back into the pond.


Green Machine 11500
Gravity Green Machine 9000