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Maxima pumps

The high pressure pump designed for fountain use

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Hozelock Cyprio Maximas give a higher head of water than similar pumps. The water is therefore forced out of the fountain jet under higher pressure so giving a higher fountain.

Better still, using one of the Hozelock Cyprio range of fountain jets this extra performance can be used to give a fuller, denser fountain which is less likely to blow in the wind.

Maximas have an integral flow control and come with a telescopic extension pipe giving an overall pump height of between 30 and 50cm on top of which is placed your fountain jet.

Use a Maxima for:
In addition to creating beautiful fountains, the high water pressure of the Maximas also makes them ideal for use with fountain ornaments and also higher waterfalls and/or longer hose runs.

Key Features of Maxima Pumps
More performance
To maximise pumping efficiency, all Maximas feature:

Unidirectional Multi-blade Impeller - UBI
and pump chamber specially developed using computational fluid dynamics to suit the higher head requirements of this range.

Optimised Magnetic Coupling - OMC
to produce the torque required with low power consumption.

• Hozelock Cyprio's patented one way rotation system to maximise pumping efficiency.

• High grade lamination steel to minimise induction losses and wasteful heating of the motor.

More reliability
All Maximas are unique in using TRF protection to prevent motor damage. If the pump becomes blocked, this solid state technology switches the motor off until power to the motor is disconnected and the blockage removed.

All Maximas use a thick ceramic shaft and bearings for extra life.

The multi blade closed impeller reduces wear due to pressure fluctuations in the pump chamber and also greatly reduces noise.

The integral flow control is on the pump outlet which avoids the possibility of cavitation in the pump chamber which can arise when flow controls are placed on the pump inlet.

These features allow us to offer a 3 year guarantee with confidence.

Easy to Use
The Maxima greatly extends the intervals between cleaning, thanks to the anti clog, foam free strainer (ACS) and class leading intake area. When cleaning is required, tool free access and quick release hose connection keeps this simple.

The ultra low centre of gravity and wide base ensures the Maxima is stable even with the telescopic extension piece.

The integral flow controller is simply set for easy fountain adjustment.

Fountain Jets
The Maxima pump comes with a telescopic extension pipe and a simple fountain jet. Additional fountain jets are also available for the Maxima. These give full bodied displays, dense and attractive water sprays which won't easily blow in the wind.
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