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Vorton Ultra Violet Clarifiers

A revolution in the efficient elimination of green water algae

The Ultra Violet Clarifier (UVC) continues to form a key element of a clearwater system.
The algae, causing greenwater, are made to clump together (flocculate) by the UV light so that they can be sieved out of the water by a filter.

The introduction of the Vorton range has revolutionised UVC's with a list of features
making them superior in performance, simple to install and extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Superior Performance
The new Vorton UVC's are up to 50% more efficient than many Ultra Violet Clarifiers on the market.

In-built "Turbulator" - The flow of the water through the UVC, created by the product design, increases the units efficiency by even exposure of the water to the UV light.

Single ended UV lamp - The lamp design means 30% more UV light is emitted than a double ended lamp of the same wattage. These lamps also stay efficient up to 60% longer than double ended lamps, which means the lamp usually only has to be changed once a season.

Quartz tube - Quartz allows 87% of the UV rays to pass through it and penetrate the water where it can act on the algae. Materials used in other UVC units on the market such as plain glass and plastic only allow 30% and 50% of UV rays to pass through them respectively.

Operating temperature - Careful product design ensures the UV lamps are kept to their optimum operating temperature, which means that they are always working at their most efficient.

Simple to install
Multi-directional inlet/outlet - Being able to rotate the inlet and outlet through up to 360° makes it much easier to route the hose to and from the unit.

Quick connect hose connections - Joining up the pipework is simple, aiding installation and disconnection for cleaning and maintenance.

Translucent stepped hosetails - The UV light causes the hosetails to glow clearly indicating when the lamp is operating.
The steps in the hosetails enable the correct diameter of hose to be attached to the UVC, so that they are working at their most efficient.

Extendable - A tandem conversion kit is available with which two UVC's can be combined enabling the largest ponds to be treated or to enlarge the system if the size of a pond is increased.

Easy to clean and maintain
Bayonet fitting of electrical housing - Easy access for cleaning the quartz tube and main body.

Dome ended quartz tube - Cleaning and sealing is simple with only one open end.

Detachable mounting bracket - The UVC can be easily removed from the mounting bracket to aid servicing and maintenance.
These highly durable units come with a 2 year guarantee (excluding the lamp).

Clearwater Guarantee
When a Hozelock Cyprio "Vorton" UVC is used with a correctly sized Hozelock Cyprio biological filter, the system is covered by our Clearwater Guarantee.

Clarification vs Sterilisation
The Hozelock Cyprio UVCs are not sterilisers.
The problem with sterilising pond water is that the fish can lose their natural immunity to disease.
If a fish is moved, or if a new diseased fish is introduced, the effect on the fish can be disastrous. Hozelock Cyprio UVCs are water clarifiers. Their job is to clear the water without potential side effects on animal life.

Accessories and spares
The UVC lamp should be replaced at the beginning of each season to maintain rated UV light output. 'O' rings, quartz sleeves and all other spare parts are available.

The whole UVC unit has an IP65 waterproof rating, and is designed for outside use.
Translucent hosetails mean that the lamp can be checked without dismantling the unit. The UVC is easily dismantled and even the quartz sleeve can be safely removed as a result of its simple bayonet fitting.

High efficiency, single ended UV lamp.
Main body with unique 'Vorton' design to turbulate water flow.
Multi-directional inlet/outlet.
Dome ended quartz glass tube.
Detachable mounting bracket.
Translucent stepped hosetails.

The Vorton Range
Vorton --4500 - treats ponds of up to --4500 litres (1000 galls) capacity
Vorton --9000 - treats ponds of up to --9000 litres (2000 galls) capacity
Vorton 14000 - treats ponds of up to 14000 litres (3000 galls) capacity


18000 - 27000
4500 - 14000