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Choosing the right type of pond for your own needs is the important first step. If you have a patio, your pond could be the focal point or it could be the centre feature of your landscaped lawn. It could also brighten a gloomy or neglected corner of your garden.

If you are interested in natural wetlands you could create an almost totally natural pond, rich in native plants and a haven for all types of aquatic life. But remember such a pond would have a natural appearance and typically is not suited for ornamental fish because of the lack of proper filtration and it's vulnerability to predators such as herons.

Another area of importance will be to decide whether you wish to keep beautiful plants and common ornamental fish in your pond or whether you are considering the possibility of a beautiful Koi pond. Because the site and construction for both ponds are very different you will be much more successful with your pond if you commit to a type of pond before you begin excavation.

The shape of your pond takes on two different styles. An informal pond has no straight edges and no symmetrical shape and may be designed to blend in with the contours of your garden landscape. Alternatively, a formal pond does have a regular shape and can be raised above the ground using brickwork to draw the eye to its symmetry.

Both types of pond are ideal for keeping aquatic plants and pond fish. A waterfall and a fountain or other moving water feature would usually compliment such pools.

Pond with running water and plants