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Garden pond with waterfall feature

Any pond whatever the size and whatever the design will benefit from having clean, clear, healthy water.

A garden pond with plants, wildlife and fish, will flourish if the water is clean and healthy.

A formal pond with crisp lines will be enriched if the water is clear.

Ponds where the fish are the priority need water that is perfectly clean, clear and healthy.

The secret to a clean clear pond which can provide a healthy environment for your fish is that there is a simple solution, a solution that we have spent 15 years refining.

The simple way to achieve this is to install a pond management system that is equal to the task. At Hozelock Cyprio we have developed all the products necessary for you to plan such a system. This guide clearly explains the functions and the benefits of the products, and why you need them.

At any time you can click on the "Filter Selector" in filters section ), this will recommend a guaranteed filter system for you based on your precise requirements.


Unlike lakes and rivers, ornamental garden ponds are generally of small size with limited depth. Therefore they can warm up more quickly than natural bodies of water; they also have greater sunlight penetration and a higher concentration of nutrients. These conditions stimulate the growth of algae, which causes greenwater problems.


Pollution Caused by Fish Waste
Compared with natural ponds, garden ponds are usually heavily stocked with fish, which are fed more than they would normally find to eat in their natural habitat. Fish produce waste in proportion to the amount of food eaten. This waste is both solid and dissolved; this pollution is increased by the decomposition of plants and uneaten food. If these waste products are not removed they will eventually poison your fish.


Lack of Oxygen
Both green water and pollution can reduce the level of oxygen in pondwater. However, relatively high concentrations of oxygen are necessary to support healthy fish. The introduction of air into pondwater i.e. aeration, raises and stabilises the level of oxygen in the water. In addition the turbulence created by aeration will remove toxic gases.


The Solution
Hozelock Cyprio has developed all the products necessary for you to eliminate or control these problems, allowing you to enjoy your pond all year round.


Greenwater can be totally eliminated and wastes removed.
All these improvements will clearly give your fish a healthier environment.