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What Outdoor Lighting can do.

Whatever the type of garden, pond or water feature you create, good lighting will always enhance it.
Garden lights will enhance you garden

At night your garden will become even more of a focal point by the addition of lighting to borders, fountains or cascades, and with Hozelock Cyprio its simple to install and economical to run.

The Hozelock light system
At the core of Hozelock's comprehensive system is a versatile starter set, to which additional lights can be added. The lights are all compatible and interchangeable. The system can be installed anywhere in the Garden. (Only the pond lights can be submerged in Water).

Easy Fit Low Voltage
Low Voltage lights use a 24 v supply from a mains transformer and as low voltage lights require no tools, installation is a straightforward, inexpensive task. Hozelock transformers are designed so that anybody can install them. No extra cable protection is required in the garden and there is no risk of a dangerous electrical shock if accidentally damaged.

It's Easy to Expand
The system can be installed in a matter of minutes, is safe and inexpensive to run, and extra lights can be added in moments by means of a unique "snap on" fitting. This enables the safe addition of more lights directly onto the cable at any point. Each transformer can run upto six lights. So each transformer can run up to six lights. There is also a range of interchangeable coloured lenses available for pond lights and feature lights for extra effects.

Fully Guaranteed
Every Hozelock Lighting system is fully guaranteed for two years (excluding bulbs).

Easy Fit Aquaglow Pond Lights
Hozelock Cyprio pond lights are very versatile, and they can be installed in three different ways. Attached to the pump to provide an illuminated fountain. Anchored at the bottom of the pond to illuminate the depths of the water. With the integral weight removed they float perfectly on the surface.

We supply three lamp starter sets, which have all the fittings necessary to complete the installation, and to which up to three extra lights can be added. Single lights are available separately and this allows you to connect a light to the low voltage pumps.

Pond Lighting
3 - Lamp pond Starter Set
Installation ideas
Easy Fit Garden Lights
Easy Fit Garden Lights, use the same versatile system as the pond lights. We produce garden lights in four different styles. These are available in two and four lamp starter sets, which include transformer and low voltage cable. Extra lights can be added with up to six lights running off one transformer. It is possible to mix and match the lights between pond and garden lighting. However the garden lighting cannot be submerged.