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Despite all your care and attention there will be times when you need to adjust the water quality for the benefit of the fish and the plants.

All Hozelock Cyprio pond treatments are harmless to pondlife and complement the range of pumps and clearwater systems to ensure that your pond stays clear and healthy.


Filter start
This is a live suspension of filter bacteria, these bacteria help to initiate the biological process that occur in the pond and filter and convert harmful ammonia into normally harmless nitrate.


Sludge Remover
This is a live suspension of bacteria that actively consume and breakdown sediment that is in the filter and pond, so reducing maintenance and helping the filter to work more efficiently.


Foam Away
A gentle chemical tratment that reduces the surface tension of the water and immediately removes surface foam from ponds - caution it also prevents bell fountain jest from working efficiently.


Green Water Treatment
A gentle chemical treatment that helps to clump floating algae together. This treatment allows the algae to be removed more efficiently.


Tap Water Conditioner
A gentle chemical treatment that neutralizes and removes harmful compounds that can be found in tapwater. This should be applied to the water whenever tapwater is added to the pond.


Pond Balance
A gentle chemical buffer that helps to maintain the pH of the water. This also assists in the control of pondwater.


Pond Plant Food
A specially developed aquatic fertilizer that is formulated to keep pond plants healthy.


Anti Fungus and bacteria
A gentle chemical treatment that is used to treat bacterial and fungal infections in common pond fish such as goldfish, koi and orfe.


Anti Parasite
A gentle chemical treatment that is used to treat parasitic infections in pond fish.