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Domestic Fan - Selector

for building regulations-
( see notes below )

Type of Room

Fans Shown are unlikely to provide adequate ventilation
but may in some circumstance meet the customers requirement for building regulations

No account has been taken for the size of room or the number of air changes

Results reflect
Building Regulations Part F 1995 England Wales
minimum size fan allowed ( extract Table 1 )

a - Bathroom - 15 litres / second
b - Kitchen - 60 litres / second
b - Kitchen - 30 litres / second if within cooker hood or 300mm of a hob
c - Utility Room - 30 litres / second
In rooms with no natural light it would be appropriate for the fans to be controlled
by the operation of the light switch.

Loss of pressure to to the use of ducting see Ducting
Dwellings with open-flued combustion appliances ( Gas / Oil or Solid fuel ) see Notes