1.45kW Sahara - Marbled Limestone Heater (Discontinued)

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Stone & Marble are natural materials - differences occur from product to product with the same finish

Width: 1250mm
Depth: 70mm
Height: 600mm
Weight Kg : 62
1.45kW Sahara - Marbled Limestone Heater
Marbled Limestone
Sandy coloured tones, fine grain pigmentation
Fine crystalline structure and opaque

High grade natural stone plates
with a heat conductor let into the 30mm thick marble or soapstone plate.

The heat conductor is insulated with Teflon and is routed into the channel carved into the back of the heater.
That safeguards an even warming through of the stone and a large surface that actively radiates heat.
Overheating protection through two safety temperature limiters.
4mm thick insulating plate on the back of the device.
The concealed mounting points are invisible from the front.

The natural stone heater is individually controlled
via a wall mounted room temperature controller (see below).
  • Radiated heat generates an even temperature
  • Portrait or landscape installation options
  • Two safety temperature controllers with automatic reset as overheating protection
  • Heating conductor inside a duct system routed into the back
  • Back, 4 mm thermal plate
  • Protection class 11, hose-proof IP 25
    Suitable for Zone 2 bathroom use.
  • Max. surface temperature 90°C
  • Natural stone is a very inert heat conductor
    It is not problem to touch the natural stone even if the surface temperature is 90°C.
  • Maintenance free and free from wear and tear
  • Fitted with 1m cable.


Data Sheet 529kb pdf IP Rating Chart User Instructions 220kb pdf
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1.45kW Sahara - Marbled Limestone Heater