Foil Heating Mat 7.0m² 980w - (14m x 0.5m) - 140W/m²5060002019177F140-070

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Laminate Under Floor
Foil Heating Mat 7.0m² 980w
(14m x 0.5m) - 140W/m²
Providing economic heating and luxurious warm floors in any room including bathrooms
Easy to install without requiring adhesive or compounds

Manufactured to the highest quality for complete peace of mind and backed by a 10 year warranty
  • Suitable for any room including bathrooms
  • Specifically designed for use with laminate or engineered wood floors
  • An F Series Foil Heating Mat can be manipulated to fill a space in the same way as a conventional underfloor heating mat
  • Low profile design (approximately 2mm thick) keeps the increase in floor height to a minimum
  • The heating cable are sandwiched between two layers of aluminium foil for excellent heat distribution
  • Pre-wired 3m power lead


F-Series Datsheet 512kb pdf F-Series Instal 430kb pdf
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Foil Heating Mat 7.0m² 980w - (14m x 0.5m) - 140W/m²