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GP-18 Specification
Voltage 230V
Nominal Output at 0°C
In ice water 36W/m
In air 18W/m
Minimum installation temperature -40°C
Maximum exposure temperature
Power on 65°C
Power off 85°C
Minimum bending radius 25mm
Maximum circuit length 65m

Gutters up to 120mm width: use a single run of cable

Gutters between 120mm and 240mm width: use a double run of cable

Gutters over 240mm width: use multiple runs of cable.
Self-Regulating Heating Cable
for Gutters and Downpipes
Prevents accumulation of ice in gutters and downpipes
Prevents damage to gutters and downpipes
Ensures that rain and melt-water can drain away normally and not cause damage to properties
Prevents danger to people from collapsing gutters and falling icicles.

Typical Applications
The GP system is ideal for both domestic and commercial installation.
  • Energy saving self-regulating cable – output reduces as ambient temperature rises
  • Self-regulating technology eliminates ‘hot spots’ and failures caused by cables touching or crossing
  • Parallel cable technology allows cable to be cut to length on site without affecting watts per metre output
  • The cable’s Polyolefin sheath is UV resistant ensuring long operating life in exposed areas
  • ‘Gel’ filled power connector and end seal allow quick installation without the need for a heat gun or crimp tool. The high-tech insulating gel allows safe and secure joints and terminations to be made in a few minutes.
  • Controlling GP Self-Regulating Cable
  • Choose between manual and thermostatic control.
  • Manual control by means of a simple switch is commonly adopted for small domestic installations.
  • For larger installations we recommend control by means of a GP-T electronic thermostat.
  • MCB Breaker Selection for GP Self Regulating Cable
    Breaker Cable Length (m)
    10A for 1 to 60 Mtr
    13A for 60 to 63 Mtr
    16A for 63 to 65 Mtr
    Use type C breaker


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Self-Regulating Heating Cable for Gutters and Downpipes

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