Dimplex Monterey Panel Heater - 1500w (Discontinued)

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Dimplex Monterey Panel Heater - 1500w5011139027900MFP150W

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Monterey MFP150 Shown

Width: 741mm
Height: 536mm
Depth: 104mm
Dimplex Monterey
Panel Heater - 1500w
Contemporary design.
Convected heat for rapid warm up.
Virtually noiseless.
Pre-set background temperature at 5oC below thermostat setting.*
Splash-proof (IPX4) rated, for use in bathroom or wet areas.

* When connected to a programming unit supporting setback feature.
  • Energy saving features
    Compatible with Dimplex 4-zone, wall mounted pilot wire and mains borne signalling multi-heater programmers.
  • Thermostat control
    User selection of room temperature from 5oC (frost protection) to 30oC using slider control. Slider can be locked in position if required. providing room temperature stability to +/-0.3oC.
  • Power controls and indicators
    Soft-touch on/off button, together with indicators showing when power to heating is on and when element is operating.
  • IP Rating - Splashproof IPX4.
  • Plug-in control modules - (optional) A range of optional plug-in control modules, which can be removed from the heater for easy programming, provide the flexibility to meet a wide range of control specifications:
  • 24-hour Digital Timer (RX24Ti)
    1 timer required per heater. Provides 24 hour programmable on/off control.
  • Single Zone, Pilot Wire Programmer (RXPW1)
    Controls up to 10 slave heaters linked via pilot wire. Provides 7 day programmable on/off control.
  • Runback Timer (RXRBTi)
    1 timer required per heater. Provides installer programmable runback time up to 4 hours (in 30 min increments.) Can be locked into heater.


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