Bioforce 5500 UVC Filter - 5500L (1200 Gal) (Discontinued)

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Bioforce 5500 UVC Filter - 5500L (1200 Gal)1384

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Designed for ponds up to
max volume of
5500 litres ( 660 gal ) Med stocked fish
7750 litres ( 660 gal ) lightly stocked fish
11000 litres ( 660 gal ) No Fish

Recommended pump
Titan 3000 - 3000 litres per hr

20 - 25mm Hose Connections

250mm max diameter
x 330mm high

5 Mtr Power Lead
Bioforce 5500 UVC Filter

Redesigned foam, back flush facility, high efficiency UVC and new Kaldnes K3™ biomedia
give exceptional pond water treatment power and easier, less frequent cleaning

New model sporting best-in-class biological and mechanical filtration performance and
extended cleaning intervals as well as the familiar benefits of pressurised filters.
A major feature of the Bioforce redesign is the introduction of an easy-clean back flush facility to clear debris away quickly from the filter foams without having to remove them.
Pond keepers simply have to swap over inlet and outlet hoses to give the foam a regular
two minute back flush to keep the system running efficiently for longer before
needing to remove the foam for a thorough clean.

At the same time, the mechanical filtration in Bioforce has been redesigned and now
incorporates an advanced coarse “through-flow” layered foam filtration system.
This clogs less easily and presents a larger surface area for efficient waste removal
than conventional foam cartridges.

Remaining effective for longer than existing filters before they need to be cleaned,
the new reticulated foam filter reduces one of the biggest chores in filter maintenance.
The layered foams also enable easier and more thorough cleaning.

The Bioforce biological filtration system has also been significantly upgraded
with the introduction of Kaldnes K3™ biomedia throughout the range.
Kaldnes K3™ is scientifically proven in industrial water treatment processes
and has more bacteriological capacity than other types of biomedia.
It provides a stable environment in which beneficial bacteria can thrive while
older, less active bacteria are purged during back flush cleaning.


The UVC’s efficiency is maximised by the use of single-ended lamps and Hozelock Cyprio’s
“Turbulator” design which forces all the incoming pond water to spin around the UV lamp.
This exposes the water more thoroughly to the flocculating effect of UV light which causes
the algae particles to clump together and fall to the bottom of the chamber.
Consequently, green water is eliminated more quickly.
  • How to install a Bioforce: - Bury the Bioforce up to its lid next to the pond.
  • It is small enough to hide near the pond when it is buried up to its lid.
  • Being pressurised by the pond pump, water can be pumped up from the Bioforce to the top of a waterfall. This makes it even easier to hide.
  • It is best to use a Titan solids handling pump which moves solids from the pond to the Bioforce where they can be easily flushed away. Pond water is pumped up to the Bioforce which is buried up to its lid to hide it.
  • Supplied with 9w UV Lamp


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Bioforce 5500 UVC Filter - 5500L (1200 Gal)