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Luminite DX100 Niteguard Control Panel
The 'Niteguard' is automatic. As soon as it becomes dark a built-in infra red detector becomes operative. It scans the surrounding area up to a distance of up to 15 or 40 metres ( depending on detector used ).

When the heat of a human body is picked up by the detector it switches on the 'niteguard' unit, to light a porch, garage entrance or whatever. The days of fumbling in the dark for keys becomes a thing of the past.

The WIRELESS option external PIR's enable you to site detectors in places ( at the entrance to a drive, facing the front door, near out buildings etc. ) previously ruled out because wiring was either impractical or expensive.

'Niteguard' is the most comprehensive system on the market today.
  • The LM DX100 is capable of switching, in addition to the light unit, up to 3000w of flood lighting. for just a few seconds or up to 12 minutes
  • In addition up to 6 extra infra-red intruder detectors, can be added to increase detection coverage.
  • The 'Niteguard' unit can even operate an audible alarm such as a bell or sounder.
  • This control centre can be mounted internally or external, case is Ip65.
  • Use with GAMMA detectors and accessories for the ultimate system.
  • A total of six detector can be utilised.
  • Can switch a total load 3kw
  • Day and night sensor ( adjustable ).
  • Timer adjustable 5 seconds / 12 min.
  • Manual override facility.


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LM DX100

Luminite DX100 Niteguard Control Panel