LED Fire Rated Downlight - Dimmable - IP66 - Neutral Wh - Emergency Version (Discontinued)

Please try Ledlite LED Downlights IP65 & IP66 Fire Rated for alternative products.

LED Fire Rated Downlight - Dimmable - IP66 - Neutral Wh - Emergency Version5055800100509LTFRD12NWEM

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Optic Grade Lens

@ 8 Hours a Day / Elec Unit 16p
114kw per year
£18.30 per fitting

Use with a dimmer for even greater savings

Fast return on investment.

Immediate cost saving.

Low Lamp Temperature and voltage give Increased safety

Reduced installation time.

More control of light spread with Narrow to extra wide lens options
LED Fire Rated Downlight - Dimmable - IP66 - Neutral White
with Emergency Backup Plug & Socket
The Lighting Product of the year

Operate from a wall switch or dimmer

Optic Grade Interchangeable Lenses from 25° to 90° Beam Angles
4 of the Latest High Output LED's
Interchangeable Bezels - for virtually any colour combination
IP66 for Shower Rooms and Fire Rated
Dimmable, Flexible Cut-Out Sizes...

We test the ‘Absolute Photometry’ of the complete fitting.
We believe that independent testing is the only solution to resolve
the current trend for publishing unverified and misleading LED Specifications.

LEDlite publish the exact light output details of our fittings,
which are confirmed by independent 3rd party test houses, including the Photonics
These files are available to download
  • Specification as LTFRD12NW
  • Brighter than a 50W GU10 Halogen.
  • Integrated LED driver. (flexible connection) with Flying Lead Direct to Mains Connection
  • 2 Types of retaining clips (supplied).
    for Plasterboard Ceilings 6-35mm. (fitted)
    for Office Ceiling Tiles
  • Fire Rated.
    for 30, 60 & 90 min ceilings.
  • IP66 as standard.
  • Unique Interchangeable Bezels
    For all decorative requirements.
    Various Colours, Soft White (fitted).
  • Unique Interchangeable Optical Grade Lens.
    50° beam angle. (fitted)
    Optional 25°, 38°, ° & 90° Lenses
    92% Efficient Lens.
    LED Fire Rated Down Light
    85% Output 3hrs+ (4Ah LTBAT4)
    85% Output 8hrs+ (9Ah LTBAT9)
  • Works with dimmers (whilst in emergency mode dimming is not possible)
  • Upon power failure minimum duration of 3 hours. (depending on battery selection)
  • Use with
    LTEMLED - Emergency Inverter
    LTBAT4 or LTBAT9 NiMH Batteries.
  • Flexible cut-out size.
    Fits a 60-70mm cut-out.
    Optional Plate to Fit Holes up to 150 mm.
  • Mains Dimmable 100% to 14%
    with approved dimmers.


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LED Fire Rated Downlight - Dimmable - IP66 - Neutral Wh - Emergency Version