Televes DAT45 HD Digital TV Aerial c/w MRD (Discontinued)

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Televes DAT45 HD Digital TV Aerial c/w MRD149901

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Excludes mounting pole
( 50mm Pole recommended )

Check Freeview coverage area
( see link below )

The DAT45 aerial has a gain of around 16dB
which if you consider that an increase of 3dB represents a
Doubling of signal is quite high.
A "standard" TV aerial has a gain of about 12dB
so the DAT45 could be considered to be around 200% better.

Supplied with F connector and clamp for vertical & horizontal polarity fits up to 57mm masts ( 50mm mast recommended )

Channels 21 to 68
Channel 5 compatible
Frequency range: 470 - 862mHz
Gain: 16.5dB
Length: 1200mm
Weight: 2.4kg
Televes DAT45HD (1495) Digital TV Aerial
Top of the range - Televes Aerial
A must for poor & fringe digital areas, very directional

What it makes the DAT HD a better aerial and different to any other aerial in the market is the “INTELLIGENCE”. Any other aerial in the market is a passive device: you point the aerial in the right direction and whatever the gain of the aerial is, it’s transform in an increase of the signal level at the output of the aerial. But that gain is limited by the gain of the aerial and at the same time that gain is always the same for every channel regardless of what the input level is. Meaning that you could have at the output, channels with levels that are too different (in an ideal world all the channels should have the same level and within a certain margin (min and max input level to the receiver/TV)).
  • Passive: It, basically, works as a standard DAT45 with a few changes in its construction to make it an even better product:
  • All the antenna electronic elements are grounded, giving unprecedented protection against electromagnetic discharges
  • Fully shielded BOSS-Tech enclosure to protect against impulsive noise (noise coming from the environment that can cause interferences in the TV signals)
  • Newly patented dipole that improves the reception margins throughout the complete terrestrial band (means that while other aerials might have a high gain on in certain channels (frequencies) this new dipole improves the gain so that it is better for every channel)
  • The asymmetrical directors provide an unbeatable radiation diagram against ECHOES. Echoes are unwanted reflections of the main signal reaching the aerial from different directions and potentially producing interferences on the signal. This new design minimizes the risk of receiving echoes
  • Active (you need a 12V PSU powering the antenna):
  • The device installed in the dipole of the aerial will give you a maximum of 12dB extra gain so that you can get to a maximum of 29dB Gain (aerial + BOSS Tech)!!! (16.5dB in the DAT45)
  • But this device (BOSS-tech) won’t apply the max 12dB gain to every channel. It will apply them wherever they are necessary, meaning that the gain will be higher for the weaker channels and lower for the stronger channels; so at the output you will have channels with levels that are more similar that what they were at the output (INTELLIGENCE)
  • Another advantage when powered is that the aerial will automatically readjust the levels after the DSO (Digital Switch Over). We already know that the power in the transmitters after the DSO is increased and that is causing trouble to some people because the level reaching the Set Top Box is too high and subsequently they loose their picture. The DAT HD will automatically reduce the level when the input level is too high so that you might have 12dB extra gain before DSO that will automatically be reduced after DSO if the input level is too high to avoid causing problems
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Dat45 Instructions - 750kb pdf
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Televes DAT45 HD Digital TV Aerial c/w MRD