240 Watt 4ft Tubular Heater - 1265mm - Discontinued

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240 Watt 4ft Tubular Heater - 1265mm5011139032638T240

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60 watts per foot 240V AC.

240 Watt - 4ft Tubular Heater
All models are of a robust steel construction and are finished in an attractive cream colour,
suitable for use in damp and humid conditions, garages, greenhouses, drying rooms etc.
  • Supplied with easy to fix for floor or wall fixing brackets
  • 1m of white heat resisting 3 core flexible cable to BS 6500
  • Length: 1265mm
  • Width: 75mm base of mounting bracket
  • Depth: 85mm mounted to wall with bracket
  • Weight: 810g
  • Element: Open spiral nickel/chrome resistance wire support on filamic frame
  • Case: Aluminium tube 52mm dia. Stove enamelled (White)
  • Terminal Cover: 20% glass filled polypropylene
  • Provision for Wiring: 20mm dia. Conduit and 3 core flexible mains lead
  • Case Temperature: 95-100°C including ambient


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