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All in One Boiling Chilled Filtered Hot & ColdDOMBC1A

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2 year on-site parts and labour warranty subject to product registration within 6 months of purchase.

W x D x H
385 x 380 x 348

Total load: 1.8kW
Boiling chamber: 1.8 Litres
Chilled chamber: 1.8 Litres
All in One Boiling Chilled Filtered Hot & Cold
Boiling and chilled filtered drinking water, instantly,
PLUS hot, cold or mixed warm water –
All from the one tap!
  • Power-Pulse™ energy saving technology reduces power consumption by allowing the system to electronically regulate its power during high and low usage periods. This saves energy whilst maintaining the tightest possible temperature control.
  • Programmable 24/7 Timer
    Pre-set the “power on” and “power off” times (once each day) for those periods when the HydroTap will not be used such as overnight or at weekends.
  • Inactivity Sleep Mode
    The boiling system can be pre-set to power down after 2 hours of non-use but will still retain stored “boiling” water at an energy-saving 64ºC. Typical system daily running costs less than 13p with sleep mode active for 10 hours.
  • Low light Sleep Mode
    An integral light detector can be set to automatically activate sleep mode (as above) when room lights are switched off, returning to normal operation when the lighting is switched back on.
  • Hibernation Mode
    When activated allows the entire system to totally power down after 2 hours of non-use.
  • Easy reactivation from all four of these modes by pressing the boiling or chilled levers.
  • Superior sub-micron filtration ensures crystal clear, great tasting, healthier water.
  • 1) Removes suspended impurities smaller than one thousandth of a millimetre.
  • 2) Removes chlorine plus other tastes and odours.
  • Tap LEDs
    Indicate system status, temperature and filter replacement.
  • Filtration
    Supplied Integral sub-micron filter easily accessible for replacement to ensure crystal clear, great tasting, healthier water.
  • In hard water areas we recommend the use of the Zip Professional FL1100 scale filtration system.


Specifications 500kb pdf Install & Operating Instructions 550kb pdf Filter Spec & Selection 79kb pdf
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All in One Boiling Chilled Filtered Hot & Cold