Honeywell Homesafe Kit08EP406N-UK

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In addition you will need the appropriate quantity of PIR’s or contacts of your choice, a battery, cable and fixings.
Honeywell Homesafe Kit
The system is operated by the keypad which is designed to be installed in a
prominent location, yet attractive enough to be unobtrusive.

Up to 3 extra keypads ( TS RKP ) can be installed.
  • Accenta Mini Gen4 control panel 8SP399A
    with LCD keypad.
  • Quick set feature intelligent re-arm/auto reset.
  • 1 x Remote keypad.
  • 1 x Internal Sounder
  • 1 x Low profile external bell box complete with, Maxi siren, Bell module with back up battery and Anti Tamper ( Timed ).
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Honeywell Homesafe Kit