2 Gang 200w 2 Way eclique™ Master Remote Touch Dimmer - Mirror Chrome - Discontinued

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2 Gang 200w 2 Way eclique™ Master Remote Touch Dimmer - Mirror Chrome5021575531329JCI202

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With the prospect of householders increasingly replacing traditional lamps with energy-efficient alternatives, and LEDs in particular, installations can effectively be made "LED-ready".
Even if LEDs are not part of an existing lighting scheme, by choosing to install Varilight's V-Pro™ dimmers, an end-user can decide to switch to dimmable LEDs from an established brand at a future date without the need to upgrade their dimmers.

Adjustable minimum brightness setting for optimal performance
> Choice of driving modes for maximum compatibility with many types of lighting
Mains halogen
Eco halogen
Electronic transformers
Dimmable CFLs
Dimmable LEDs
Varilight eclique™
2 x 200w 2 Way Remote Control/Touch Dimmer Switch
Mirror Chrome
The V-Pro™ dimmer range features intelligent overload protection, short circuit protection and,
most importantly, an adjustable minimum brightness and a choice of dimming modes.
This makes the dimmer extremely versatile because it is equipped to deliver
the best possible dimming performance from a given lighting load.
V-Pro™ dimmers are suitable for controlling most dimmable LEDs, Varilight DigiFlux dimmable CFLs,
electronic low voltage transformers, mains halogen and traditional mains GLS lighting.

You can dim the lights using touch control or by a remote control handset.
The eclique™ master dimmer switches are one way
but can be used in conjunction with eclique™ slave units

in a multi-way circuit (including intermediate and 2 way)
so that the lights can be dimmed from more than one location.

In this type of circuit you should use one eclique™ master dimmer and any number of eclique™ slave units
with three wires directly connecting each switch (as is usual in a 2 way circuit).

The low-priced eclique™ slave units are not dimmer switches
and cannot be used on their own without a master dimmer.
  • Soft start to extend lamp life Saves energy
  • Steps down output under partial overload,
  • Switches off under gross overload, protecting components and extending product life.
  • Normal operation resumes once load is corrected.
  • iQ intelligent control of awkward loads
  • Push-on / Push-off 2 Way switching
  • Specifically for use on the primary circuit of low voltage lighting transformers.
  • Any combination of transformers up to the maximum rating may be connected
  • Automatic self-resetting overload protection
  • Automatic self-resetting thermal protection
  • How to Program Varilight V-Pro Dimmers
  • Full functionality can be achieved by choosing the Varilight® eclique™ LightScene™ remote control handset, including a master control function which will switch several dimmers on and off simultaneously, and enabling the user to record up to 4 lighting "scenes" and recall them or the previous light settings at the touch of a button.
  • eclique™ dimmers are capable of learning to respond to a spare button on many existing infra-red remote control handsets.
  • Dimmable LEDs
    Min Load: 4W
    Max Load: 120W
  • Incandescent Lamps
    Min Load: 10W
    Max Load: 200W
  • Halogen Lamps
    Min Load: 10W
    Max Load: 150W


Dimmer Selection Guide .PDF (200kb) Eclique Instructions - pdf 90kb
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