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shown with wallpaper template
Freestyle Clear
1 Gang 2 Way Light Switch
Express yourself by creating your own light switches with Varilight Freestyle.
These unique switches have a clear detachable faceplate, behind which you can create your own background.
  • shown with wallpaper template

  • Use images of a favourite football team or pop group to individualise a teenager's bedroom.
  • These are just some of the many ways one can use Varilight Freestyle wiring accessories.
  • The only limit is your imagination.
  • You can involve the family and create personalied switches for each room using your children's drawings; use a spare piece of wallpaper or paint a piece of card to blend the switch into the wall; use photographs from a memorable holiday to create something really different;
  • shown with wallpaper and own background

  • To create your own design remove the clear faceplate carefully by gently pulling away the clips on adjacent sides of the clear frame and gently pushing from the back.
  • Use the printed card as a template, create your own design or cut photos, wallpaper, etc. to size. (You may find it easier to draw around the clear faceplate on the back of your photo or wallpaper and then cut with scissors or a craft knife on a suitable surface).
  • Put your design in place and clip the clear faceplate back into the clear frame to secure.


Freestyle Ideas - pdf 320kb
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1 Gang 2 Way Light Switch - Freestyle Clear


EA 3+




EA 3+