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Maintenance Free
The Wago 222 and 773 Series terminal blocks are completely unlike screw terminals.
They are not susceptible to loosening due to temperature cycling, vibration or conductor settling over time.

The materials used in the Wago terminal blocks are inherently corrosion resistant and exert a specific pressure onto the conductors that prevents damage to the conductors but still gives a gas tight termination every time.
WAGOBOX Junction Box
Fast to Install
Installing a Wagobox can take as little as 25% of the time it takes to install a BS6220 style junction box.
All the cables can be stripped back to as installer friendly 60mm before fitting the terminal blocks.

The Wagobox uses Wago 222 & 773 Series terminal blocks which are quick to fit,
but as these are also fitted outside of the box there is none of the time consuming fiddling
about trying to get the cables cut to size and into position inside a small space.

Easy to Use
The Wagobox has been designed to be easy to use with the Wago 773 and 222 Series of terminal blocks.
Once the cables have been connected, the terminal blocks can be easily slid into position before securing the cables.

The cable gripper is very easy to configure, no screws or fiddly clamp bars in this box.

Each gripper slot has it's own black plastic pressure spring that can be installed into one of two slots or simply removed.
Use a pair of cutters or narrow nosed pliers to position the gripper spring and then push the cables into position.
The cables will be clamped and secure in a matter of a few seconds.
  • Totally Secure
    The integrated cable gripper can secure flex and 6242Y and 6243Y cables from 1.0mm² to 6.0mm² in seconds.
    The snap shut lid locks into place and closes the gripper slots preventing any cables from working free.
  • 39mm x 44mm x 108mm
  • Adaptable
    From the position of the gripper to the choice of the terminal blocks the Wagobox can be configured to suit the job. Connecting LV lighting transformers, distributing power to multiple loads or simply extending an oven circuit are all possible with the Wagobox.
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WAGOBOX Junction Box