40 Amp Wiska 607 Junction Box 110 x 110 x 66mm - Black IP66/67400768561779610061779

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Terminal Cable Capacity

8 x 2.5mm
6 x 4.0mm
4 x 6mm

Optional Magic Sealing Gel
The sealing technique ensures a high life expectancy even under permanent influence of moisture

IP 68 up to a water depth of 15 meters according to DIN EN 60529
Wiska Box - IP66/67
110 x 110 x 66mm - Black
41 Amp
The standard 25mm nylon gland
requires the thread to be shortened be use
The standard 20mm nylon gland
when used with a reducer (2 supplied) is fine
Cleverly designed
30% saving on labour. Cables quickly introduced without any kind of tool,
thanks to WISKA COMBI's openings with soft self-sealing diaphragm (WK108 up to WK607).

Cable glands can be screwed directly into the integrated thread in the WK308 and WK607,
no more need for lock nuts.

Little screws that can't be lost. The quick-release lid screws made of plastic will not rust and stay
securely in place just where they belong - in the WISKA COMBI Box.

Good to look at
The 'Designer Box'. The WISKA COMBI with its unmistakeable
'bellied' lid provides the utmost in visual and functional perfection.
Now you can install with system AND with style.
  • Waterproof junction box up to 6 mm2 (41A)
  • 110 x 110 x 66 mm
  • 7 elastic self-sealing cable-inlets at the side and
    3 self-sealing cable inlets in the base (clamping range 3-17 mm)
  • 7 x Integrated M25 threads, no locknuts necessary
  • 2 x (25mm to 20mm) reducers
  • 4 quick-release lid screws in the cover
  • Fixing with internally located openings out of the sealing area
  • includes 5-pole screw terminal 6 mm2 (patented)
  • 10% more room inside, thanks to the bellied cover
  • 30% saving on labour thanks to faster cable-entry
  • captive quick-release lid screws
  • Strong
    Stable, safe and secure. The WISKA COMBI with its high IP 66 Degree of Protection is weather-proof, impact-resistant and shatter-proof. Eminently suitable for extreme conditions or for outdoor installations.
  • All WISKA COMBI Boxes are flame-retardant, halogen free, and are highly resistant to animal or vegetable fats, mineral oil, diesel, weak acids, strong and weak alkaline solutions, or alcohol.


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WK 607B

40 Amp Wiska 607 Junction Box 110 x 110 x 66mm - Black IP66/67