6A Gel Insulated Straight Through Joint - 3 Core Flex - IPx88033712907871SH0325W

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L: 47mm
B: 86mm
H: 27 mm
Gel Insulated
Straight Through Joint - 6 Amp 3 Core Flex
Water tight Gel Insulated Joint

Gel insulated watertight joint with 3 pole terminal block.

Suitable to join small cables

Assembled in few simple and fast steps, making the SHARK
extremely efficient to use in both domestic and industrial applications.

SHARK is ideal for connecting domestic and garden lighting
or any other kind of equipment in wet areas where a sealed connection is required.
  • Technical Characteristics:
  • Gel joint:
  • Conformity with standard EN 50393 (0,6/1 kV)
  • Self extinguishing in accordance with EN 60695-2-11
  • Low smoke and gas emissions in accordance with CEI 00-37/2-1 and CEI 20-37/7
  • 3 pole Terminal Strip:
  • Conformity with DIN EN 60998 and CSA/UL
  • VDE marked
  • Current: 6A
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Terminals: 3
  • Rated IPx8 - Protection against temporary & continuous submersion


IPx8 Defined - 199Kb Data Sheet 130kb PDF
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WK SH0325

6A Gel Insulated Straight Through Joint - 3 Core Flex - IPx8