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How To build Your First pond

Where to locate your pond?

Once you have decided on the type of pond you would enjoy, it's time to decide where to locate your pond. Locating a pond where there is too much sunlight should be avoided. Sunlight promotes the growth of algae and may cause the temperature of the water to rise dramatically during warmer weather, decreasing oxygen levels. To avoid this problem, position your pond where it will receive some shade, especially during the afternoon when the sun is the strongest. 5-6 hours of direct sunlight is ideal for most ponds with plants and ponds that are less than 18 inches in depth.

Beware of siting your pond beneath trees or near their roots to avoid leaves falling into the pond and potential root damage to the liner. As well as being unsightly, rotting vegetation in the water may adversely effect the quality of the water, which could cause harm to the fish. Some trees, such as willows, produce leaves, which are poisonous to the fish. Locating your pond next to a conifer hedge is good, as it will provide shelter from the wind and will not produce many fallen leaves. Another important consideration will be to site your pond close enough to an electricity source so you can incorporate a pump, UV clarifier or lighting.