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How To build Your First pond  

This can be either a rigid pre-formed pond or a flexible sheet liner. Both are easy to install and extremely durable. A pre-formed pond has the advantage of ready made planting shelves and areas for placing submersible pumps though a flexible liner allows you more creativity and a more individual design.


A preformed pond and a flexible Liner

It is unlikely that a newly installed pond will achieve a balance where elements such as vegetation, fish and water conditions work together to maintain a clear and healthy pond. So to help keep the pond water clear, clean and healthy and to avoid unhealthy imbalances which may affect plant and animal life, use mechanical or biological filtration, or a combination of both. An Ultra-Violet Clarifier is highly effective in keeping your pond free of water-borne algae which make the water green. Hozelock Cyprio offers a range of filters to maintain the majority of ponds.


Bioforce Filter

A pump is essential for creating moving water displays such as cascades or fountains which, as well as being attractive features, will help to maintain oxygen levels during warm weather. Pumps are also used for circulating water through filtration systems. Hozelock Cyprio offers a comprehensive range of pumps to meet most pond keeping requirements.


Cascade Pump

Pond lights are available from Hozelock Cyprio, working off a 24v low voltage system. They are simple to install and enable you to create magical effects at night time.

3 pond light set