16th Edition (reference only) – NOW superseded by the 17th Edition IEE Regulations.

chapter 5

chapter 6

  6.1. - Basic requirements for circuits 6.4 - Industrial socket outlet circuits
  6.2 - Maximum demand and diversity 6.5 - Other circuits
  6.3 - BS1363 socket outlet circuits 6.6 - Circuit segregation

6.4.3 -  BS EN 60309-1 (BS 4343) socket outlet circuits

Plugs and sockets to BS EN 60309-1 are for industrial applications and are rated at 16 A, 32 A, 63 A and 125 A. All but the smallest size must be wired on a separate circuit, but 16 A outlets may be wired in unlimited numbers on radial circuits where diversity can be justified. However, since the maximum rating for the protective device is 20 A, the number of sockets will be small except where loads are very light or where it is certain that few loads will be connected simultaneously. An arrangement of BS EN 60309-2 plugs and sockets is shown in {Fig 6.9}.

Fig 6.9 - Plugs and sockets to BS EN 60309-2


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by John Whitfield

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