16th Edition (reference only) – NOW superseded by the 17th Edition IEE Regulations.

chapter 5

chapter 6

Inspection and Testing
  8.1 - Introduction 8.5 - Insulation tests
  8.2 - Inspection 8.6 - Earth testing
  8.3 - Testing sequence 8.7 - Test instrument requirements
8.4 - Continuity tests 8.8 - Supporting paperwork

8.1.1 - The tester

The person who carries out the test and inspection must be competent to do so, and must be able to ensure his own safety, as well as that of others in the vicinity. It follows that he must be skilled and have experience of the type of installation to be inspected and tested so that there will be no accidents during the process to people, to livestock, or to property. The Regulations do not define the term 'competent', but it should be taken to mean a qualified electrician or electrical engineer.


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Extracted from The Electricians Guide Fifth Edition
by John Whitfield

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